A public DNS-over-HTTPS server that blocks advertisement and tracking domains. The server upstreams to with no logging and do not have EDNS Client Subnet available for privacy reasons.


Gridns is included in the DNSCrypt's public-resolvers list. If you are looking to use Gridns with DNSCrypt, specify the following lines in dnscrypt-proxy.toml:

server_names = ['gridns-sg', 'gridns-jp']

If you're not running DNSCrypt, the following addresses can be used:

Both Singapore and Tokyo servers are hosted on Linode.


The servers are running blocklist from various sources, of which are credited here:

The blocklist is updated approximately every 7 days. As of May 2019, the combined blocklist contains approximately 110,000 unique domains. Please contact [email protected] if you want any list to be included.