Fanboi Channel (2013–)
An anonymous message board.
Source code

Older projects

Gridns (2018–2020)
A free no-tracking adblock DNS-over-HTTPS server.
Source code
Vagrant Xhyve (2016)
An experimental plugin integrating Xhyve with Vagrant.
Source code
Anchor (2012)
A Pow-like DNS responder and port forwarding service for local development.
Source code
User CSS (2010–2011)
A Safari 5 extension for overriding stylesheets.
Source code
Flask-CouchDBKit (2010–2012)
A Flask extension for integrating with CouchDBKit.
Source code
Gknot (2010)
A web page encoding conversion service.
Source code
Akibakko (2006–2010)
A Booru-style image board clone.