HiFive Unmatched

by Sirn

RISC-V is a new Instruction Set Architecture originated at UC Berkeley. I've always been interested in RISC-V development thanks to its open nature. However, apart from its usage as a MCU (such as Longan Nano or PineCone) or an FPGA board (such as VexRiscv), there is not much consumer-oriented hardware capable of running Linux.1 That was until SiFive announced HiFive Unmatched.2

Cross-Compile Packages for Raspbian from x86_64

by Sirn

I have been building a DVB streaming server with Raspberry Pi 4 in the past couple of weeks.1 The setup turns out to work pretty well as Raspberry Pi 4 can render 720p in realtime with hardware encoding. Streaming MPEG2TS is also possible with Ethernet. However, FFmpeg version shipped with Raspbian do not retain a metadata required for maintaining aspect ratio when using OpenMAX hardware encoder/decoder (h264_omx). This can be fixed by patching FFmpeg and recompile from source.

APU2, Alpine Linux and v6plus

by Sirn

Many ISPs in Japan have started offering IPv4-over-IPv6 tunnel for their customers in recent years. Most of IPv4-over-IPv6 tunnel providers in Japan either utilizes Dual-Stack Lite (DS-Lite), such as transix service from mfeed, or Mapping of Address and Port with Encapsulation (MAP-E, RFC 7597), such as JPNE (offered as v6plus service).

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